Order lead time / pricing info

Shipping times.

International shipping is challenging right now and lead times can blow out significantly.

In stock means it is in Australia ready to be shipped to you.

Per order means we have to order it with the supplier and it's not currently in Australia. The average lead time is indicated on each product but this is indicative only. There are lots of places in the supply chain this get slowed down some times.

For orders under $500, if the lead time indicated is not met you can elect to receive a full refund. 

Pricing policy.

Where ever we can, on over 90% of our products we offer the exact same pricing you would receive direct from the manufacturer. When customers ask why something that costs $100 USD costs more than the straight conversion rate here it is due to our import and shipping costs.

The formula we use is ((( Item price + import ) x Conversion rate ) +  ( AQIS + Customs ) + GST ). Yep, it all adds up.

While we do everything in our power to keep prices accurate, sometimes suppliers do change things without telling us. We don't build any margins or fat into our prices to cover this to try to reduce the costs in Australia so -

We do reserve the right to cancel your order and provide you with a full refund if there is an error with the pricing.

If you find an error in our pricing please let us know.